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Ceramides Supplement


Ceramides Supplement

  • Exclusive Technology
  • Natural Patented Extract
  • Clinically Proven Results in 15 days
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Increased Skin’s Moisture Capacity
  • Creates Smoother, Younger Looking Skin
  • Strong Anti-Aging Effect
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Ceramides Supplement

Keep the moisture and youth in your skin from the inside out with Regen-Glow’s Ceramide Supplement.

Faster Result

  • Fast acting anti-aging results reported in two clinical trials
  • Increases skin moisture by: 23% after 15 days and 36% after 60 days
  • Reduces transepidermal water loss by: 16% after 15 days and 19% after 60 days
  • Improves skin roughness by: 31% after 15 days and 64% after 60 days
  • Rapid anti-aging action increasing skin elasticity

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